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Car Shipping Costs Explained

Mileage and Range

Car Shipping Prices can vary, depending primarily on mileage, pickup and delivery locations, with size of vehicle being a contributing factor as well. The cost to ship your car can change during different times the year, Shipping a car to Florida is more expensive during their winter. Shipping a car from Florida to northbound route is cheaper during that same time period. Your price is calculated by mileage relative to range (long or short). Longer distances have a lower per-mile to transport a car.




Metro or Rural

The higher the population is on a city, the higher the demand for auto Transport services will be. This impacts the number of truckers traveling to a specific location. Transport to less populated areas will increase the price to ship a car.With increased demand for auto carriers, there is an increased supply in car carriers availability in that area. With more car shippers available, the price for shipping a vehicle will typically decrease.This impacts the number of truckers traveling to a specfic location. Transport to less populated areas will increase the price to ship a car.

Transport Type

Open or Enclosed

Most vehicles are transported in open carriers, also known as open air transport. Open transport is standard and does not affect the price to ship a car, this is the most affordable method of car shipping. When shipping your vehicle in an enclosed carrier, transportation rates will go up, usually by about 25%-50%, and sometimes even higher. It is important to choose the right type of carrier in order to properly maintain the cost of shipping your vehicle.



Make and Model

Weight, Space, and Handling

Car Carriers are typically sized based the amount of cars it can haul. The Gross Vehicle Weight plays a major role as well due to car shipping trailers having a maximum weight limit and Department of Transportation imposes weight limits as well. To put it simply, the larger and heavier your vehicle is, the higher average cost it is to ship that vehicle.

Additional Services


Same Day Pickup Service

The Transport Company offers same day pickup services for your vehicle. If you need to expedite your car pickup, we can send a truck out to pickup your vehicle immediately. We offer the fastest car shipping services, we have car carriers available in almost every city in the country. Ship your car fast with our Same Day Vehicle Pickup Service.

Car Storage

If we need to store your vehicle at a local car storage terminal, we can help. The Transport Company has Car Storage Terminals available in all 50 States. Whether it is a short-term car Storage or Long Term Car Storage, we can accommodate. We have airport car parking as well.